About Us

Our Mission

Keera Organics endeavors to provide 100% natural alternatives to products available on the market in an effort to alleviate skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin allergies, and many more.

Our Story

Ms. Coleen Davis, who hails from a farming district in Clarendon located in Jamaica, wanted to create a natural soap for herself to assist in clearing up her acne and eczema. Through her research and background in biochemistry, she formulated a Palm Oil soap in 2008. In using the soap, she invited others to use her formula and they found that it worked for them as well. It became clear that she had a formula that not only worked, but that people wanted. In 2010, she founded Keera Organics and has been listening to her customers ever since to find out what skin conditions they have and what she can help them with. Every product has been developed to help someone who had a specific need that was not being met elsewhere on the market. Now Keera Organics’ mantra is all about helping others with their needs and developing new and exciting products with a healthy twist.

Our Ideals

  • Keera Organics is a company that manufactures natural body care products that work in balance with the body.
  • Our products contain plants extracts indigenous to Jamaica that have been tested, tried, and proven for years to have great health benefits for the hair and skin of all types.
  • Our edge at Keera is that our products are derived from nature because we care about your health and we provide healthy choices.
  • Our products contain no fragrances as to not irritate extremely sensitive skin.
  • Our products are designed for people of all ages, demographics, and regions. Whether your hunched over your walker or fresh out the womb, Keera Organics products are able to be used effectively.

Our Goals

  • We endeavour to support local farmers.
  • We strive to offer healthy alternatives with the best quality available.
  • We endeavour to be healthy to the environment by partaking in renewable and recyclable resources when available.
  • We strive to offer the best customer service to all of the people that make this world great!